Retro Restyle: Blouse from 1958!
Original Sketch Retro Blouse
"Twist the scarf of this jersey blouse to the back of the neck and finish with a flirty bow for a modern effect." That short clip was the introduction for this pattern in December 1958, as one of the fashion must-haves of that decade. A special weight is given to the word "flirty,” because at the time, it was still not common or in vogue to show too much skin. Sexy fashion was obtained through sophisticated twists of fabric that would draw the eye along drapes and lines. Fashion trendsetters of the time; big screen actresses like Grace Kelly and Ingrid Bergman, were leaders with their cool beauty styled by artful dresses and blouses tailor-made for them – as was common. Perhaps it isn't too surprising that the trend is back and that this blouse style is again in vogue in our day, where showing skin and deep necklines are "business as usual" and a trend toward modesty and tailored lines is in fashion. This look draws attention to all the right places and pulls the eye toward the most important element: Our face and with it, our personality. The pattern is nearly the exact one from 1958 with a refresh. Rather than being sewn with a jersey, we've chosen to sew it in a dreamy silk – additional information is found below …
Retro Blouse Pattern
Fabric Choice Retro Blouse'
Not only the extraordinary print is divine, its name certainly is. The peacock print, "Juno" is named after the Roman goddess and is a fresh interpretation of the Liberty print, "Hera". Silk satin by Liberty. Although the pattern style may be old, the blouse can easily be worn in many different ways, and for different seasons - what's your style?
Fashion Forward Retro Blouse Style
We love a good pattern/print mixing outfit here, and there is no same in having both a party on the top as well as the bottom. Try pairing the retro blouse with something equal as vibrant like "these slight flare trousers" in complimentary colors. Then top it off with the most comfortable shoe - the sneaker, but with a twist.
Fall Vibes Retro Blouse
Perhaps now you're getting really into the fall sewing vibes, and a "good trench coat" is really the key to any chilly weather outfit. Let the blouse shine by wearing with a sleek pair of sold pants "like these ones" and finish it off with your favorite fall booties!
Summer Chic Retro Blouse Style
If you're the rebel type and like to wear white after labor day, then try pairing the blouse with these "sporty button pants"to also nod to the current athleisure fashion trend. Then glam it up with a pump that pulls a color in your blouse's print. We love when patterns are remastered and brought back to life from 1950s' Burda - what is your favorite retro/vintage pattern? Happy Sewing!