Protect Your Scissors with this DIY Case!
+ Linen fabric + Cotton fabric + Thread + Scissors + Vanishing marker + Chalk pencil + Straight pins + Ruler + Pattern piece
DIY Scissor Case Steps 1 2
Step 1: Use the pattern piece to cut a piece of linen fabric, with generous seam allowances (approx. 2.5 cm/1" wide). On the wrong side, draw the outline of the pattern piece and the other stitching lines. Step 2: Hand baste along pattern piece outline to make it visible on the right side of the fabric. Working from the right fabric side, stitch irregular decorative lines along the centre section and small triangle section.
DIY Scissor Case Steps 3 4
Step 3: Pin pattern piece to fabric piece again. With the vanishing marker, mark 1 cm (3/8") wide seam allowances along all edges of pattern piece. Step 4: Cut fabric along these lines.
DIY Scissor Case Steps 5 6
Step 5: Now lay the linen piece on the cotton lining fabric, right sides facing. Pin in place. Cut cotton piece exactly along edges of linen piece. Step 6: Stitch linen and cotton pieces together along all edges, leaving turning opening as marked.
DIY Scissor Case Steps 7 8
Step 7: Trim allowances to 2 mm (a scant 1/8") wide and trim points and corners. Step 8: Turn right side out and shape points and corners.
DIY Scissor Case Steps 9 10
Step 9: Fold first flap over as shown, linen side facing in. Press and pin in place. Edgestitch in place from upper edge to point. Step 10: Turn piece over so that cotton side faces up. Fold small triangle over so that edge meets centre and edgestitch in place.
DIY Scissor Case Step 11
Step 11: Finally, fold along centre and pin. Stitch from upper edge to point, thereby also closing the turning opening.
Happy DIYing!