Minnie Mouse DIY Coin Purse
All images: © Jan Schmiedel
+ Velvet + Cotton + Metallic leather + "Decovil light" + "Vliesofix" + Zipper 20 cm long + Thread + Chalk + Pins + Hand sewing needle + Pins + Tape measure + Velvet ribbon (optional: for the strap) + Scissors + "Leather Glue" + "Clips" + Ruler + Template
Coin Purse Step 1
Step 1: Cut the middle-sized circle twice from Decovil and iron to the wrong side of the velvet fabric. Then iron and cut 2 large circles of Vliesofix.
Coin Purse Step 2
Step 2: Then iron the cotton fabric. To pull in the edges, hand stitch basting stitches along the edge and pull it in evenly towards the cotton side so that the seam allowance lay inwards. Do this for each circle.
Coin Purse Step 3
Step 3: Evenly sew one side of the zipper with a zipper foot evenly along half of the round circle. Make sure the zipper teeth are close to the folded edge of the circle, then open the zipper and sew to the second half (other circle) of the small bag.
Coin Purse Step 4
Step 4: Cut ears (small circle) twice from Decovil, then iron to the wrong side of the velvet fabric. Then mark the notches.
Coin Purse Step 5
Step 5: Place dotted cotton fabric right sides together and stitch around, along the Decovil between the notches
Coin Purse Step 6
Step 6: Just cut back the seam allowance along the seam and turn both ears to the right side. Then topstitch around the circle close to the edges starting and stopping at the notches.
Coin Purse Step 7
Step 7: Place both ears at each end of the zipper and using clips bring two larger circle together - sandwiching the ears in-between the two purse pieces. If you like, you can add a velvet ribbon as a strap to the top. Then topstitch along the curve to put everything together.
Coin Purse Step 8
Step 8: Cut leather (about 20 x 12 cm) and fold in the long edges, then the other smaller edge and sew by hand.
Coin Purse Step 9
Step 9: Cut leather strips (3 x 9 cm). Coat with leather glue on both sides and fold into the middle.
Coin Purse Step 10
Step 10: Then place the glued-in leather strip around the loop from step 8, fasten with clips and sew by hand. Finally sew on the bag.
Coin Purse FINISHED 1
Coin Purse Step FINISHED 2
Fill with all your small goodies and take out on the town!