Halloween DIY: Unicorn Headband
Here that what you'll need: + Felt + Tulle + Cotton + Trimmings + Fiberfill + Headband + Ribbons + Thread + Pins + Hand sewing needle + Scissors + Glue + Thimble + Cardboard + Pen + CD + Template
Step 1
Cut 4 layers of the ears in felt.
Step 2
Sew each ear, right sides together and turn to the outside. Hand sew trim around the ear.
Step 3
Cut bia strip (5 x 50 cm).
Step 4
Stitch together at a narrow seam allowance along the long side at approx. 1.2 cm. Then trim to 2 mm.
Step 5
Turn to the right side and thread the hair band through.
Step 6
Cut edges and hand sew closed.
Step 7
Cut out the horn piece with 1 cm seam allowances, sew together as pictured.
Step 8
Flip to the right side and fill with filling wool. Trim the decorative bands by hand in spiral form around the horn.
Step 9
Cut a circle (Ø 4 cm) from cardboard.
STep 10
Circle a circle from fabric (Ø 7 cm) round, and cover cardboard with it. To make it easier you can sew a basting stitch around the outside of the circle to gather on the wrong side.
Step 11
Then attach and hand sew to the bottom of the horn.
Step 12
For the flowers use the CD as a stencil and cut in a double layer of tulle. Then cut as a spiral about 2 cm wide.
Step 13
Hand stitch around the inner edge of the tulle.
Step 14
Then pull hand sewing thread to gather in tulle and secure with more hand stitches.
On the head band glue the horn in the center and the ears on either side. Decorate further with ribbons, trim and tulle flowers!