DIY Whale Baby Bottle Holder
Images: © Mirjam Fruscella & © Jan Schmiedel
MATERIALS: + Waffle weave fabric 40 cm x 100 cm + Small piece of white cotton (for the eyes) + Cotton cord 80 cm + 5 Wood beads + Hand sewing needle + Embroidery thread in black and white + Fabric marker + Vliesofix + Template
DIY Baby Bottle Holder STEPS 1 2
Step 1: As pictured above, fold the fabric so that the right side of the fabric is together. Pin the pattern pieces on the fabric and transfer shapes to the fabric with a pencil, a magic pen or a tailor's chalk. Draw with tailor's chalk around 1 cm seam allowance. Cut out the pieces on this line. Cut another piece of whale so that you finally have 4 pieces of the whale. Step 2: Fuse Vliesofix on the wrong side of the fabric. Draw the eye 2 times to the backing paper from the Vliesofix and cut out the eyes.
DIY Baby Bottle Holder STEPS 3 4
Step 3: Remove the backing paper from the Vliesofix. Iron on 2 equal parts of the whale, one eye each. Apply the eyes by embroidering with white 2-ply embroidery and a long-line stitch. Stitch a pupil in the eye with black yarn and flat stitches. Step 4: Place the whale parts with eye on the whale parts without eye right sides together and pin. Stitch the pieces along the marked line with the sewing machine. Use a short straight stitch for this, so you can re-quilt the shape better for the edges with curves. Remember that you leave about 6 cm of seam at the back to turn around. Backstitch at the seam ends.
DIY Baby Bottle Holder STEPS 5 6
Step 5: Cut the seam allowances all the way back to a 7 mm width so that the corners and fin tips can be shaped nicely. You should cut in the seam allowances at the corners until just before the seam line, at the fin tips you cut off the seam allowances at an angle. Step 6: Turn the piece to the right side through the seam opening. To make the fins nice, you can use a pencil or a thick knitting needle as an aid. Iron the edges. Close the turn-around opening with hand stitches.
DIY Baby Bottle Holder STEPS 7 8
Step 7: Transfer the markings with a fabric marker to the outside of the whales. Stitch together between the markings with a narrow stitch on the sewing machine. Step 8: Lay the parts on top of each other so that the eyes are on the outside. Pin the edges together with the markings on each other. Stitch together with the sewing machine and backstitch at the seam ends.
DIY Baby Bottle Holder STEP 9
Step 9: Thread the wooden beads on the cord. You can wrap the cord end firmly with adhesive tape. Pinch the ends of the cord around the seams at the ends of the side edge for about 5 cm. Hand stitch in the cord ends. FINISHED! Makes a fabulous baby shower gift too.