DIY Stuffed Swan

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DIY Stuffed Swan
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Images: © Jan Schmiedel
MATERIALS: + White sweatshirt / terrycloth fabric + Satin in gold + White tulle + Black felt + Thread + Embroidery thread + "Vliesofix Vlieseline" + Interfacing + Fusible fleece + "Fiberfill" + Prym + Fabric scissors + Hand sewing needle + Trickmarker + Ribbon + Transparent paper + Black embroidery thread + Pattern template - click here to download
Swan DIY STEPS 1 2

Step 1: Iron interfacing on the wrong side of the main white fabric so the fabric does not expand later when stuffing. Step 2: Cut main white fabric with 1 cm seam allowance around: 2 times body, 1 base, and 2 wings.
Swan DIY STEPS 3 4

Step 3: Beak: Iron the Vliesofix to the wrong side of the satin, draw on the beak pattern template and cut the beak with 1 cm seam allowance (no seam allowance at the base). Repeat the process mirror-inverted. Step 4: Iron both beak pieces to the right side of the main body and sew the top edge with a small, narrow zigzag stitch on your sewing machine.
Swan DIY STEPS 5 6

Step 5: Cut nostril out of felt, then iron on with Vliesofix and stitch. Transfer the eye with the help of transparent paper and trick marker and then embroider with embroidery thread. Repeat on the other side for the eye and nostril. Step 6: Place both parts of the body together right sides together and stitch at 1 cm all the way to the markings 1 and 2.
Swan DIY STEPS 7 8

Step 7: Carefully cut back the seam allowance around 2 mm. Step 8: Place the bottom part along the markings on the body and stitch around at 1 cm. At the back leave an opening of approx. 8 cm for turning.
Swan DIY STEPS 9 10

Step 9: Cut seam allowance back to 2 mm, turn swan to right side and iron. Fill with fiberfill and close the opening by hand. Step 10: Iron satin fabric with Vliesofix, trace the crown pattern template and stitch around it all over with a small zigzag. Then trim just beside the seam.
Swan DIY STEPS 11 12

Step 11: Sew the crown by hand and also sew the ribbon by hand at the bottom edge. Step 12: Iron fusible fleece to the wrong side of the wings, pin wing pieces right sides together stitch around. Make an opening of approx. 5 cm for turning.
Swan DIY STEPS 13 14

Step 13: Cut back the seam allowance to approx. 2 mm, turn the wing to the right and sew the opening by hand. Step 14: Mark and stitch the lines on both wings with the trick marker. Sew both wings by hand to the body of the swan.
Swan DIY STEPS 15 16

Step 15: Cut the tulle (4 x approx. 25 x 20 cm), overlay the layers and pull in 2 rows of threads. Gather up to a width of approx. 2.5 cm and knot threads tightly. Step 16: Cut the piece of satin (about 5 x 5 cm) with a seam allowances (about 1 cm) and sew the veil by hand.
Swan DIY STEP 17

Step 17 Sew the veil by hand on the head of the swan. FINISHED!

This stuffed swan makes a beautiful addition to any children's room.

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