August 2023: The New Issue of Burda Style!

This Friday, the new edition of Burda Style for August 2023 is available in stores!

It opens with a collection dedicated to iconic prints inspired by Pucci, Dior, Chanel, and Versace, featuring reimagined models that effortlessly blend with the current trends. Discover throughout the pages maritime-influenced pieces and their famous stripes that will keep you protected from cool late summer winds! A third collection gracefully strolls through the urban landscape with soft and trendy pieces that will make you feel good from morning till night, even at work. And of course, you will find other sections such as beauty & shopping info, styling tips, and an article dedicated to a Dior exhibition...

Iconic Prints

Iconic printsIconic prints

Let yourself be seduced by the viscose trousers 105 with a vibrant print in the style of Pucci, the Italian master of psychedelic prints from the 1950s. You will also be captivated by the jacket 113 and the bouclé tweed miniskirt 112, an obvious inspiration from Chanel! With vibrant colors, beaded trims, cropped cuts, and a boldly modern look, these pieces will make you shine and stand out with style!

Urban Story

Urban storyUrban story

The tunic 123 will surprise you with its simplicity and quick completion. You will be charmed by the subtle illusion of layering created by its topstitched cuffs. As for the knitted dress 118, it embodies beauty and softness perfectly. With its cowl neck and oversized sleeves, it is undeniably trendy and will immerse you in the current style. Dare to embrace urban elegance with these unique and modern pieces!

Coastal Breeze

Marine breezeMarine breeze

Embark on a seaside getaway with this collection! Discover the long trench-inspired vest 126 in gabardine, enhanced by iconic trench details like its elegant storm flap. You can wear it as a dress or a long vest depending on your mood. Dive into the timeless elegance of the pleated skirt 102, elevated with a chain-link belt reminiscent of Dior's legendary New Look. This reinterpreted and cool version will transport you into a trendy and original style. 

The Romantic Dress (Designer Model)

The romantic dress (designer model)The romantic dress (designer model)

Discover the stunning chiffon dress 129, the designer model for the month of August. It perfectly embodies the romantic spirit. With its double layer of chiffon for the body and a single layer for the sleeves, this dress gracefully and modestly reveals itself. Its skirt sways with elegance, giving you a graceful and enchanting look. Immerse yourself in a world of reverie and delicacy with this unique piece that celebrates the beauty of femininity.

The Blue Hour (Both Models in Burda Workshop)

The Blue Hour (both models in workshop)The Blue Hour (both models in workshop)

Discover in detail the two models available in the workshop in this issue! The jacket 114 will charm you with its elegant dual-material effect, combining a quilted body with loden sleeves. This classic outdoor fashion piece will wrap you in warmth from the early moments of autumn. As for the long blouse in Toile de Jouy, let yourself be enchanted by its exotic scenes inspired by Dior's style. You will be charmed by the sporty touch added by the ribbed cuffs on this model. 

Many more models can be found in the magazine Burda Style issue 08/2023, available for sale from mid-July 2023 or on our website