A Favorite Look: A Holiday Duo from Burda Style December 2022

Voted a Favorite by the Burda Style Editorial Team

This holiday duo of dreamy pastels is created by the 115 trousers in faux suede and the 116 blouse in chiffon with flounce at the neck.

Is there anything dreamier than pairing contrasting material? This blouse in pastel blue chiffon with shimmery gold dapples and the high waisted jeans in pink faux suede come together to create a lyrical look that flatters any figure. This gorgeous ensemble is a wonderful alternative to the classic choice of a dress for your holiday get togethers.

Chiffon Blouse 116 | Burda Style 12/22Chiffon Blouse 116 | Burda Style 12/22
Faux suede Trousers 115 | Burda Style 12/22Faux suede Trousers 115 | Burda Style 12/22

This blouse is such a graceful combination of elegance and charm. The model has two stars for difficulty and requires a little bit of sewing knowledge yet remains easy to take on! Take a look at how exquisitely delicate its details are: the sleeves are gathered at the cuff and open up to a pretty, bell-shaped finish. Flounces moreover decorate the V neckline, and the airy chiffon fabric elevates the dainty style.

The cigarette pants are made from a faux suede and feature a band at the waist for a particularly lavish flourish that highlights the trendy, high-waist look. This model is a cross between a smart pair of trousers and ultra-chic leggings!

This duo plays with structure and dimension to ensure a striking holiday look. Pair your outfit with sparkly jewelry to enhance the illuminating nature of the models! And do not hesitate to wear your pieces with other garments according to your style and taste! A lightweight, airy material works best with the blouse 116, and go for high-quality faux suede or stretchy denim for the trousers 115.

Joyeux Noël avec BurdaJoyeux Noël avec Burda