Viscose Trousers 3|Burda Easy 3/2021


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  • Viscose Trousers 3|Burda Easy /2021
  • Difficulty : *
  • Sizes : 34 , 36 , 36 , 40 , 42 , 44
  • Recommended Fabrics : Lightweight trousers fabrics.
A: We’ll keep it short: These shorts are top! And as they are very comfy and not too short, they’re perfect for chilling. Chic shoes and an elegant top add a dressy touch! B: Shorts in the offi ce? With these elegant Bermudas (made of sustainable fabric), why not? Thanks to a wide elastic waist-band they’re comfy, the side pockets are very practical and easy to sew! By the way: in our video tutorial, we show you how to sew this model step by step – simply scan the QR code below with your smartphone camera! C: Skirts are nice, dresses are too. But sometimes we women want to wear the trousers. Particularly when they are as feminine, stylish, and comfortable as this wonderful model!
Side trousers length, A: approx. 33 cm (13 in), B: approx. 52 cm (20 1/2 in), C...
: approx. 107 cm (42 1/8 in).
Recommanded Fabrics
Lightweight trousers fabrics.
Original Fabric
A: Viscose, B: Lyocell, C: Polyester crepe.
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