Burda Style tutorials - sewing techniques and step-by-step model making

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Tutorial : Burda Easy 3A dress n°1 January-February 2021

Tutorial: Burda easy pullover n°1 January-February 2020

The bias pose!

Solve the main issues with your sewing machine!

5 different pleats and gathers!


Sew the elastics and smocks!


How to sew velvet, muslin and knits!


All on the collars: 6 variants!


All you need to know about buttonholes!


Recommended finish: the lining!


Five very useful crowbar feet


Sewing pants


Fitting, a crucial step!


Make a tunic with folds and ribs


Discover 8 types of hemstitches


Discover 5 types of pockets


How to adapt a pattern to its morphology?