Cotton Skirt n°5|Burda Easy 3/20

  • Cotton Skirt n°5|Burda Easy 3/20
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  • Difficulty : *
  • Sizes : 34 , 36 , 36 , 40 , 42 , 44
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This maxi skirt has a very versatile style and looks completely different depending on what you wear with it. Sandals and blouse create a romantic and feminine look, while a tank top, cowboy boots or Doc Martens lend an air of coolness. For a sporty style, wear a T-shirt and Chucks. Some like it short. But not mini. Their ideal choice - this dusky-pink cotton skirt, beautifully feminine, but not too sexy. And the best thing is that this frilled skirt is an all-rounder that you can even wear when there’s a nip in the air – teamed with a sweater or cardigan and thick tights. This cute mini puts everyone in holiday mood with its fresh print, which goes perfectly with the frilled style. It also looks great with a denim jacket. Finally, don’t forget a golden rule of thumb - the shorter the skirt, the flatter the shoe!
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