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Crouched in the corner <a href=“;down the cement pumping has been eavesdropping on the conversations the two me after hearing the question Qin Luo, could not help but surprised a moment, then turned into his firm a strong thumb. To his knowledge, the courage to say so in front of large and small people, this guy was the first one. No wonder people heard the woman with large and small are inspiring to look, feeling like she is this kind man. “But, I am kind ah. Why the group of ladies were reluctant date with me?” Qin aspect of the hands holding the cup after a pause, and soon, then there is nothing like anything like, drained the cup of tea, then looked thoughtful Qin Luo. “This issue is very interesting.” Aspect of the Qin Qin Luo said. “Your question is very interesting.” Qin Luo retorted. “So, you mean, That you may appear at the banquet of the? In I forgot to send invitations to your case?” Qin aspect directly asked. Friend or Foe, a set of words. Qin and Qin Luo’s attention on the visual aspect was not the slightest concession meant. He smiled and said: "After three days? Who knows? Maybe I am really busy day, maybe I did not do anything that day. I am a lazy person who does not like to think too long to do. To have a good upcoming Every day, for me to have a lucky. " "I never thought that what going to a birthday party. Now, just now, I’m still worried that you would invite me to make. In that case, I would have to worry about a problem. At least, I have sent out a look up will not be tacky not make me feel very distressed red envelope. " "But, my time, only I can dominate. Even my grandfather had no right to interfere in other people even more to die. There is no empty three days later, only I know. Maybe I’m busy, but also out some time past? "



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