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Have Pant Fitting Problems? Learn 20 of the Most Common Pant Fit Problems, their Solutions & the Correct Order to do them!


At a glance

Learn and SOLVE the most common and not so common pants fitting issues

Learn the correct order to make pant fit adjustments to ensure success

Perfect your fitting techniques and create a fit template to use again and again


Fitting pants is a common struggle for so many! Sometimes it can feel like taking one step forward and two steps back. You fix one fit issue only for others to pop up! Or what about those lingering fit issues that you just don’t know how to solve??? You know those pesky crotch lines, awful back leg wrinkles, droopy butt and all other creases and distortions. Don’t shy away from sewing pants and don’t settle for ill-fitting pants!!! It’s time to learn how to get rid of your pants fit problems!!!! Truth be told most pants fitting problems have very easy solutions. That’s right they’re easy to correct! The problem is many sewers don’t recognize the source of the problem and how exactly to go about fixing them. Another major pants fitting component that often gets overlooked is knowing the correct order in which to make all of your fit adjustments! That’s right the order in which one makes their pants adjustments is extremely important!

Many people don’t see order as important but to illustrate that would be the same as waiting to add the eggs to a cake after you’ve baked it!!! It just doesn’t make sense and of course won’t give good results. The same can be said about pants adjustment. Knowing what to fit adjustments to make and the order to make them in goes hand in hand!

This web seminar is for anyone who struggles in any way with fitting pants and for others who are familiar with fitting pants but want to learn additional to help them overcome their pants fitting hurdles. Again many sewers may or may not be on the right track with fitting and in response this webinar is designed to help you get to the finish line. With the information from this seminar you will feel confident about pinpointing your fit issues & resolving them in the correct order. It’s time to start making beautifully fitted pants. Let me help you do just that!

What you’ll learn:

  • Learn 20 of the most common fit issues and how to resolve them
  • Learn how to “train your eye” to identify and correct fit issues
  • Learn why doing pants fit adjustments in the correct order is a major key to success
  • Learn how to streamline the process
  • Learn how to correctly use a muslin (test garment) to diagnose fit issues
  • Learn why the crotch area is a major cause of problems and how to correct it!
  • Learn some of the least commonly known fit issues that most people overlook
  • Learn how to fit yourself by yourself!
  • Learn tips and techniques that will make you a fitting pro in no time!
  • Diagnose those fit issues and resolve them
  • How to properly analyze your body shape and contours and automatically know how to adjust pants patterns to achieve a great fit.
  • How to transfer your fit information to any commercial pattern and customize it
  • Learn how to fit different pants with different ease amounts
  • BONUS: How to create your own “pants fit template” you can use over and over again to ensure every pant you make fits perfectly.

Who Should Attend:

  • Beginners looking to learn pants fitting in an uncomplicated and frustration-free way!
  • Any intermediate or advanced sewers looking to simplify their process and learn some bonus strategies.
  • Anyone who has been intimidated with the thought of sewing their own pants.
  • Sewers who struggle with getting rid of those pesky bag leg wrinkles and obtaining a comfortable crotch fit
  • Any sewer who is interested in sewing pants for others
  • Sewers looking for helpful construction tips!

Difficultly Level

  • This webinar is for sewers who have either sewn pants before or those who want to learn but don’t exactly know where to begin. This information is invaluable to people of all experience levels. The clear illustrations, summaries and demonstrations will give you an abundance of helpful technique and tips that you can put to immediate use!

About the Instructor:

Victoria Baylor first began sewing at Home Ec in High School. After going to college for Marine Science and working in the field of research science for a number of years fate had its way and she stepped away from her secular career to pursue sewing— making it the love of her life and great obsession. She is self-employed and is a proud owner of Tailored Seams by Victoria, her successful custom apparel and alteration business where she specializes in everything from making wedding gowns and kids clothes to menswear and costumes. She has had the privilege of being mentored by a Master Tailor and professional draper in which both have 70+ years of experience combined. She is also the author of the blog Ten Thousand Hours of Sewing (tenthousandsewinghours.blogspot.com) where she chronicles her journey to sewing mastery. She is working on a fashion line and other endeavors and her greatest joy is to help and encourage other sewers to discover their talent!

This is a recording of a previously presented, powerpoint-style live-streamed web seminar.

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