Viscose Trousers 4|Burda Easy 2/21

  • Viscose Trousers 4|Burda Easy 2/21
A: Cool socks! If you like to show your ankles (or socks), this is the model for you. The 7/8 length and relaxed cut make every pair of legs look good. Fresh detail: the small slit at the bottom of the front seam. B: This model’s soft jersey fabric in denim look, long, ‘skinny’ trousers legs, and the relaxed fi t add up to a stylish leggings-jeans hybrid. Cool eye-catcher here too: the 10-cm-long slit at the front. C: Leggings in the offi ce? It just isn’t done. Time to think again! This model made of light grey cotton stretch with an elegant, extra-long slit at the front is defi nitely offi ce wear – particularly if you combine it with a feminine top, pumps, and a blazer.
Side trousers length; A: 95 cm (36 5/8 in). B: 107 cm (42 1/8 in), C: 107 cm (42...
1/8 in)
Recommanded Fabrics
Bi-elastic fabrics only, trousers fabrics with elastane 
Vilene G 405
Original Fabric
A: Polyester print, B: Polyester crepe, C: Viscose crepe
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