Velvet Jacket 4 | Burda Easy n°5 2021


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  • Velvet Jacket 4 | Burda Easy n°5 2021
  • Difficulty : *
  • Sizes : 34 , 36 , 36 , 40 , 42 , 44
  • Recommended Fabrics : Soft jacket and coat fabrics
A: Short and sweet: The box-shaped jacket made from trendy wine red corduroy with pink poppers is a casual blazer alternative. B: Elegant, cuddly, sustainable and easy to sew: many good reasons to love this cream-white plush jacket with gold-coloured poppers and a tied belt! C: Cuddly, plaid and almost knee-length: The long jacket with tied belt made from a sustainable wool blend looks just as cool when worn open as it does tied tightly. Styling tip: Combine it with a fl oral dress! This ‘90s pattern mix is a trend right now. Make sure that the colours harmonise unless you want a really wild look.
Back length; A: approx. 68 cm (26 7/8 in), B: approx. 75 cm (29 5/8 in), C: appr...
ox. 100 cm (39 3/8 in)
Recommanded Fabrics
Soft jacket and coat fabrics
Vilene G 785
Original Fabric
A: Corduroy, B: Cotton plush, C: Wool blend
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