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This blouse is so cute and fits amazing! I’ve been buying fabric to make blouses like this for a while. Yay, 04/2018 magazine has the best blouses ever. As soon as I saw it I said: “I need to make all of these!” I had the fabric, I just needed the time to make them! Last week I was on business travel and I had plenty of time to trace and cut the pattern. Next trip I plan to bring my sewing machine! I used silk georgette fabric, from Mood L.A. It has a shiny and opaque sides. To show off both sides I decided to use both. I made the back and sleeves with the shiny side, and the front with the opaque side (it helps to hide imperfections). Instead of using the traditional hem, I used my serger. The 3 thread rolled hem stitch was perfect for this fabric. I’m not a fan of hemming, so this was a plus, and it adds some embellishment as well. I decided to leave the band wide, not folded in half, and did the rolled hem as well. That way I can use the shiny or the flat side of it for a different look every time. #burdachallenge2018