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I looked and looked for a vintage Edwardian tea dress I could wear for my wedding, but their waists are all so small and I was loosing hope. Meanwhile, I was collecting lace table cloths at Goodwill for our reception when I found this fabric (in fact a shower curtain). I held it up to me and looked in the mirror. It had the most beautiful symmetrical flower design. Since it cost me 50 cents I decided I had nothing to lose. I started cutting using the pastel lace dress design. I didn’t like the cap sleeves so I simply extended the length of the sleeves, utilizing the scalloped edge of the lace. I cut a deep scoop out of the back and used the scalloped edge to make a belt. We used hook and eyes to close the belt, but covered them with pearl buttons. I like to tell people I was married in a shower curtain, but explain that it was less vinyl than what they are probably imagining.