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One of my greatest pains is forgetting the memory card for my camera. I hate taking my camera bag with me because it’s a pain to lug around when it’s just me and my friends. I have tried to remedy this annoyance by making a camera strap cover and including a little pocket for a spare memory card, which should hopefully save me some frustration in the future (fingers crossed).

I used some left over cotton which I had bought at the op shop and had made a blouse from. I simply measured my strap, made the cover wide enough to have an overlap and then turned under all the edges. I used some stick on velcro which I cut to the overlap size and then crocheted the pocket. I could have made it into a tube, but then would have had to go to the trouble of undoing the strap and then putting it back on (which seemed to me to be too much of a hassle).

And yes, I do look rather ridiculous while taking photos! I’ve got the whole squinty one eye going.