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a stroll around the mall one day made me change my mind about plaids. suddenly i did not feel as allergic to plaids anymore, and when i saw the perfect plaid fabric, i just decided on a whim to get it.

the fabric is wool or wool blend, and although it’s kind of a tight-knit like a coat fabric, it’s still somewhat lightweight. perfect for this purpose.

i did not use any pattern for this project, as you can see, the shapes of the parts are basically just straight. i cut 2 squares for the front and back bodice & cut out a small bit of the top center parts for necklines, and then 2 rectangles for the sleeves. only afterwards i shaped the sleeves to be a bit smaller towards the ends so they won’t look too over-sized. lastly, i cut 1 long rectangle for the hem. to make the sweatshirt look a bit more interesting, i decided to add a small patch of tulle between the bodice and the sleeves. these were also just small rectangles.

i’m actually loving this plaid sweatshirt. now i can say that i have officially got plaid.

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