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This is the first sewing project that I have attempted since I broke my arm so I started with a simple project; one that has only taken me a couple of hours to complete previously. The Mary Jane pattern from Ithinksew.com.
And though it took me nearly 6 hours this time instead of just a couple(Damn you, broken arm, you suck), the end results were perfect.
These sweet little babies are lined with Minky. The outer fabric is what is left from my old plaid robe dress project and the lining is some insanely thick fleece insulation that someone at a fabric store back in the states suggested I use to line potholders. The Minky itself is rather warm and thick but to be sure that these were ridiculously warm slippers, the eighth of an inch thick insulation seemed like a logical addition. Plus it made them super cushy on the bottom.
You can read more about this and many of my other projects on my blog A Few Threads Loose: http://afewthreadsloose.blogspot.com/2011/01/happy-feet.html