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If you been on the fence on sewing your own luxury lingerie without paying the high cost for a small piece of fabric. Then this is a oldie but goody pattern to have in your stash. I was quite please on how easy the pattern instruction on the the top A. I originally make the B, but cut it down to A to go under a see thru blouse I am planning on making.

The only difficult part for this pattern is the straps needs to be increase in size. I read the other reviews and I should have increase the length of the strap. But, I accidentally cut out a third strap piece, so I used that to increase the length for the back with a white ring to extend the strap.
Conclusion: My one tip for this pattern. The strap is tricky, but if you use a Lightweight two-sided pressure sensitive fusible tape. You can find this at Joanns , if you live in US. Once you have the strap together- insert the front piece between the strap folds ( I peel the fold apart to insert the pattern front piece) Then you can edge stitch the strap in one single line. Just like RTW. Plus++++