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Hello and welcome to this weeks post! While I write this I am sitting in the train heading direction sewing school… it’s not the first time that I use this hour for writing a blogpost. The morning freshness in mind, the dancing ideas swirling around and compeeding against each other. Thanks to modern technology I can sort them and keep them organised. This morning though, there is still a tingling feeling travelling with me which lingers on since yesterday’s shooting afternoon. We had such a great time and could not stop shooting until night. :-)
To present my just finished leo jacket, we wanted to tell a story of a young girl on her way home from a party where she stayed and danced all night long. So we created the illusion of a walk home in the dawn. Not long ago I read a quote somewhere in a newspaper: “Nobody looks back remembering the nights he had a good long and healthy sleep” Translated in todays teenie-language it would be: YOLO :-)

But let’s talk about the leo jacket. For me this project is a little masterpiece. I was blinded by the fantastic fabric (fur imitaiton) and I have totally underestimated it. Those little hairs make the fabric literally walk underneath the sewing machine. So a simple straight seam becomes a challenge! I developed some own techniques during this process and learned how to tame the “leo”. The slippery lining did it’s own job to make it even more difficult… let’s say I have learned a lot with this project… once more. Shoulder pads for the perfect fit, reinforcements here and there, interlocks where needed… until everything was as I wanted it to be. I had to sew the inner facing by hand from the inside next to the zipper so that it would stay in place. But once more I learned that it was all worth it, that if you do a project and take your time and do all the extra steps needed, you will be satisfied at the end. So with some hand sewing on the piece I have a tiny bit of Haute Couture to go with it :-)

I hope you like my leo-post. A shout out to the sleepless nights, to difficult projects on which we learn and grow and to the creators of fake fur :-) Big hug from my atelier to yours! Stay sew-focused and try hard to have a good time. See you in my next post. Bye!!