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A customer came to me to make a velvet suit for his wedding…and sent me a pic. Lucky me I had an old tuxedo stashed away that was the right size. So I took it all apart and used it for a pattern.
Then I created this beauty.
One thing I can say for velvet is …it is the hardest material i have ever worked with. I thought for sure I was buying the quality fabric. But it was only medium.

. If you are going to work with it..please be careful how you handle it. You dont want to wrinkle it. When you need to interface it you have to be so careful not to burn it. You HAVE to interface ALL SEAMS…otherwise you will run risk of shredding. If I have to recreate this i WOULD buy a thicker velvet, or use velour. The only way to get rid of wrinkles is to steam and brush it.