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Long Sleeve Maxi – Burdastyle 07/2013 #124

I traced this pattern four years ago, and I think the back piece was possibly traced wrong, or the front piece was- as it looks higher haha. No worries as hi-lo hems are all in lolz. Its a nice wide loose style for warm weather, tho I probably didn’t need to make it one size up like I did here. The ruffles look out there, and they stand out because I used two complimentary fabrics, as I didn’t have enough of the floral main fabric for the ruffles. Both lightweight fabric remnants cost $3 each from a local fabric fair, they’re kind of barky crepey crinkley materials which tended to blunt my needles, but thats one thing I have learnt: having a new sharp needle for each new project makes sewing much easier and reduces problems. To make the inside seams tidy and secure (I need a serger lol) I zigzagged all seams twice, the second time over making them ‘rolled’ seams, a bit of fussing but it did the trick ok lol. The floral has metallic gold thread accents adhered to the outer surface, hope they don’t become unstuck. Its synthetic fabric but the dress has an oversized-fit and doesn’t feel itchy to wear. Location: Pt Chevalier