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This was a project for my digital textile printing fashion course I took during graduate school. This garment was inspired by photographs taken by a friend at Hamlin Lake, Michigan. I took the photos and recolored them using Photoshop before putting them into a pattern.

The top part of the bodice was cut and embellished with a laser cutter on 100% real leather. The lines are the boundaries of Hamlin lake. Swarovski heat set crystals were set on bodice to represent the shimmering nature of water.

This look consists of a top and skirt. The top’s hem was cut to represent ripples on water and were finished by using a heat set textile medium. The skirt features a different view of the print mirrored together and paneled with neoprene. The top’s print was produced on silk habotai and the skirt print was printed on a cotton canvas.

This look will be used in an upcoming collection called “Lake Spirits” and will be a spring/summer collection.