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Besides last years Breast Nest, this piece has to be one of my most artistic(not to mention time consuming) endeavor for the textiles program at my university. It was created for the spring fashion show in March and was made from the most fascinating yarn I have set my eyes on in years! Bought from a fellow Etsy-an YarnbyAshleyB, the yarn used to knit the front panels was spun from wool,alpaca, sari silk, firestar, angelina, mohair locks, bamboo, and of course money! When I drew up a corset design for this I hadn’t planned on knitting it, yet am a so much more comfortable with knitting things from scratch than just making a cut-out pattern (weird eh?) I had no problem at all thinking up a pattern for my needles. Then I busted out my size 7 bamboo needles, a few extra dollars to cut up for fringe, a piece from an old beloved sweater(back panel), some ribbon and created this fantastic thing! Since it is a corset made of stretchy wool and cotton, it does not suffocate you when you wear it, yet is still an art piece so should not be worn out dancing. After I assembled all 3 panels, I laced it up, added an array of glass beads, more money, sparkly pieces, and thread for that special recycled couture look et voila!
Once entered into the fashion show, it was not chosen to walk, yet made the cut at the last minute and was the first piece of mine that has made it onto a runway(and yet I didn’t get any pictures!) I am amazed at how well it fits different sizes and still looks great, and cannot wait to make more things as interesting!