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DIY Softly Draping No Sew Waistcoat – Burdastyle 4/2015

This is very warm and cozy, it must be because of the fleece. It was also very easy to make, all it is is a rectangle with just a couple of slits for the armholes. No sewing was required and it does not fray, although I did finish some inner edges with zig zag. The fleece was an unused poncho costume my friend gave me that she didn’t want. It had wide fringe edging already cut on the front and back hems, and there was a hole for the neck in the middle, so it originally slipped over the shoulders with all the stripes vertical. To remove the neck opening, I turned it on its side so that the stripes and fringing went horizontal, and I cut out a medium width panel, which included the neck hole, from the center back. Then I stitched the two center back pieces together again; the resulting measurements were accurate and it fits well. I also cut each individual fringe in half for thinner more chic fringing lol. Location: Chelsea Estate