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I don’t generally wear waistcoats, but I have a couple. My oldest one is now 5 years old, from Zara. Naturally I have matching dress pants to go with it. However, a couple of years ago I got a snazzier and better fitted waistcoat from Kate Moss for Top Shop that I have opted for instead of my old one. So when it came to my last clothes cleaning it got tossed onto my scrap-material heap.

I was sorting through my materials the other day, and came across a lacy top I had worn 5+ years ago. I could technically still wear it, it was just a very awkward piece of clothing to get into and out off. So it was disheartening to throw it away since lace is very √° la mode these days.

My little mind has since then been set out to find a suitable way to rescue it. Et voil√° this is my end result!

P.S. This little inspiration didn’t come out of the blue. I bought a couple of light cardigans last summer whilst I was in NYC that only had lace in the back. I thought it was pretty different, hence my cup of tea. I had also seen a version of a lacy vest from Bruuns Bazaar, Copenhagen but found too expensive, especially since I don’t generally wear waistcoats. Maybe now, that will change.