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My dad is a very skinny guy, and he often has a hard time finding clothes that fit him properly. So, for Christmas I promised him a hand made, custom, suit. He wanted a white suit, but I firmly denied him – stating that only pimps, and people in Miami wore white suits. We compromised and settled on tan.

The most difficult part of this project, was the vest – particularly the welted pockets. The description on the pattern is annoying vague, and most online tutorials for welted pockets do not fit the pieces that the pattern has you cut out. I ended up using a technique that a professional tailor demonstrated for me, and cut out new pattern pieces for the pockets. I looked all over Burda Style for a good tutorial for welted pockets – Nada. Other than the pockets, the rest of it was pretty straight forward – However, I would definitely rank this pattern on the harder side, as I had to use a lot of personal tailoring knowledge in order to complete it.

The pants are fantastic. I’ve made these pants for a couple of guys now, and every single one of them says the same thing – they like that there are no front pleats. Apparently, most pants have a front pleat, which adds too much volume to the pants (and sub sequentially makes them look heavier). It appears, that gentlemen prefer a slim fit trouser to something looser and ‘comfier’.