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A simple but effective suit, very warm. The colourstyle of the fabric reminds me the Ukrainian Carpathians (mountains) thus the name was born ( although I’m not sure what it will remind after burda’s playing with pictures but anyway…:-))

I was very short of fabric: at first I bought a small piece for a skirt but after my coming home, I thought that I want a suit and am skillful enough to make a suit without too many expenses. So, here we are – me and my suit:-) The fabric is really thick and warm so while I was working it occurred to me that to make a coat – that is the right and stunning thing would be of the fabric… hmm:-)

So, as the fabric is warm, I wanted a skirt with a one-piece band and I had to choose very thrifty pattern for a jacket to satisfy my ambitions :-) And, of course, all the stripes had to coincide in all the control points of the both items and the symmetry should be kept.
For the skirt I chose the pattern from from Burda magazine 2/2009, #128 and the idea for the jacket was taken from Diana Modern (Ukrainian issue) 10/2013, #9. The latter suited me because of one-seamed sleeve and the zipper instead of buttons, and collar-free :-); I also made it a little longer and omitted a peplum.
The suit is very comfortable and colourful and my colleagues came up to me today for telling compliments:-)