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Having seen me in this suit, one small girl asked, “Are you from China?”. On the same day my father dropped a remark that I looked as if had just come from Tibet. So I thought if the suit made such an impression, let it be its name:-) Maybe some day I visit one of the mentioned places…(sigh)…:-)

Well, the suit is very cosy, made from soft woolen fabric with some additions. The pattern is from an old Burda issue 9/2004: the skirt – #104B and the jacket – #107. The plain weave of the fabric is perfect for making fringe but I only made it on the cuffs of the jacket because, as for me, the designers had gone too far with this trim. I also wanted to make this jacket because of the raglan sleeves which I did not make many but like their soft rounded shape of the shoulder line.

The gore skirt is of godet silhouette and unites both feminity and comfort.

And the last, but not the less meaningful, item is a stole ( I guess its design caused the association with China:-)) I saw that wide silk jacquard braid in the shop and couldn’t resist from using it for the clothing instead of pillows or something like that:-) So when the seller paid my attemtion to the very low price of it, I bought some extra fabric right for the making the stole.