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This is top number A of this costume collection of A,B…H.
I bought this pattern to try boning and lining and because I liked this pattern.
So I started of with top A.This is a very nice fitting top,clear instructions and it doesn’t take to much time to make when you have everything in the house to start.I must say I can’t sew as quick as a lot of you say you do and show us a masterpiece which would take me ages,but that’s a different story.
This one is fun to make and if you always wanted to do something with boning then this will be a nice start.You could make this one in a great summer cotton ofcourse.It’s mabe a costume pattern but the fit is really good.
Some tips:
Don’t cut your boning to long,you have to turn the item and then you have to sew through 2 layers and you don’t want to break your needle.
If you use sew in boning it makes the work lots easier.
If you go for boning and the little covers,just use a plain biasband,this gives straight covers,less time consuming and (me) more fun.
Use eyelets with washers,this will give a professional look on the inside and it’s stronger.
Before you start with the eyelets make sure your mind is up for it,take your time,there are a lot!!!! and if you want to keep your nails don’t hammer on them.(like I did,Only once)