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Have any of your seen the new softer than ever fleece and plush leggings? Cuddl Duds makes some nice ones at Walmart for only $9.96. Although they are all sold out except in black. Booo! So I decided to make my own version of Cuddl Duds for fleece and plush material. Hancock Fabric and JoAnn’s Fabric had some nice fleece print. Some classic Tartans, some woodsy prints and some Ikat prints. Here’s my first version. A quaint woodsy print.

Before you start cutting. I’m super short. 5’1. I made the pattern to fit me, so when you’re cutting this pattern keep that in mind. I recommend extending the leg if needed. I only used 1 yard for this project but again, I’m also only 5’1.

I haven’t had the chance to photograph a tutorial for this. I plan on doing that tomorrow. But in the meantime I can tell you how the pieces fit.