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This ensemble (skirt, top, and bomber jacket) was created for my senior collection “The Grand Sabbath.” This look represents the witch’s ability to read and control minds. The skirt features a “witchy version” of a poodle skirt with a voodoo doll of her “ex-boyfriend.” The silhouette of the applique was done in a “poppet” style, which is used in sympathetic magic. The applique was done on wool felt and hand embroidered to represent a modern man (tattoos, nipple piercing, and manbun). At the request of my favorite teacher I placed a “safety pin” through “Steve’s” special area. The skirt is a thicker neoprene that was finished with a combination of top stitching. The top is made from a sheer cotton.

The bomber jacket was created by layering a crescent moon shaped lace on top of a metallic brocade and top stitching to create a new textile. The sleeves are the same as the ones in the Telekinesis look, but cut from a different textile to create a different look. The jacket features patch pockets in a faux leather, a violet silk dupionni lining, and large scale zipper.