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I made this little pouch to go on the PALS I added to my daypack. It was a quick test of several ideas I’ve seen in other designs. It’s 4"W x 6"H x 2"D, with a 12" zipper. I would have put a double headed zipper on it, but I only had a single headed one in my scrap bag. The PALS straps are made from the same 1″×0.030″ webbing that I used on the daypack. I ran out of scrap webbing and had to sew up a 3" piece of layered fabric at the end, but it worked out ok. I tried using Velcro as the fastener for the end of the PALS straps. I left it a little long on the bag side so that it would wrap around the strap. After using it a bit, I don’t think that was necessary. It holds plenty strong as the Velcro is in shear when force/weight is put on the pouch. The pouch is big enough to hold a good amount of extra stuff.