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This fall & holiday was the season of capes! I made lots of them!  (I will post more photos of capes on the blog soon.)

Here is one of the adults capes, which I made for my sister. She chose the Burdastyle pattern (8/2014 #124) and tan (almost champagne) wool cashmere.

It’s a tailored cape, so I used bespoke tailoring techniques for the lapels.

The combination of soft, thick, and (somewhat) stretchy wool, made it difficult to sew the pockets and pocket flaps.  The hand pockets did not come out as well as I hoped they would.

Because of this, I decided not to do the chest pocket. (And I think jackets look more feminine when there are no chest pockets.)

The coat is fully lined with English rayon. (The English rayon is beautiful! It makes the cape drape and move nicely over the body.)

Overall, I love the cape! It really fits my sister’s wardrobe and style. (I want to make one for myself!!)

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