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To go to the fabric market – actually the visit to the German-Dutch fabric market in Hanau had a different background. “just look” and look for a substance from which my daughter would like to have a jacket. ….. my husband is not so pleased about my ideas to buy fabric. ;-)
but he is patient and has also told a wish. A visit to the Toy Museum in Hanau. A great museum – very interesting and very nice for small and large ladies and gentlemen. Big dollhouses, racetracks, the history of toys over the millennia.

We have found a substance for my daughter.
And for me this melon substance.

The linked cut is about the basis of this skirt. 3 large folds, each back and front. The fabric is 75 cm wide and 3 m long. At the top she is wrinkled.

The waistband is classically lined with fleece lined, the zipper is sewn by hand and the hem is machine stitched with an elastic decorative stitch.

Look at it yourself – the skirt wears well and will certainly be a nice summer companion with matching tops.