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This wrap came into my mind when trying to think of some elegant ways for shoppers to prance around on Halloween night without having to get dressed up in a full blown costume which then reminded me of the Vanderbilts. One Halloween, when Vanderbilt Jr. threw a party {at the Biltmore house in North Carolina} in the 20s, it went a little awry and many of his drunk and crazy guests went to the basement and did a little painting job on the walls. The mural of a hodgepodge of tipsy stick figures is still there in the empty room called the “Halloween Room.”

In the 1920s, when parties were big, people didn’t necessarily dress up as a character for Halloween, but they BECAME the character.

This Wrap, a little dramatic and embellished with a ruffle of petals, is perfect to keep you warm on a crazy Halloween night with your friends and adventures. It is made with women’s shirting.