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The girl that works in the office of my apartment building is having a baby. So I thought that I would have some fun and make her some things. I googled the measurements for a diaper bag off the internet and kind of went from there. It’s just a basic diaper bag two zipper pockets one on either side of the bag. Two elastic drink holder pocket one on either end and the main compartment of the bag. I myself don’t like pockets on the inside of purses so I left those out. The bag measurements are 17″ × 13″ × 6″. All of the pockets and the inside of the bag are lined with japanese quilting cotton. The outside of the bag is made from a woven Gortex fabric so totally water proof. I made the stuffed toy from denim. A couple of onesies, two bibs, a nice flannel quilted blanket for when you put the baby on the floor. And a quilted diaper pad made from the bag fabrics as well. At first I was just going to give her the stuff but then I realized I needed to put the stuff in something so I ended up making the bag. Thankfully no one had given her a diaper bag already lol. She absolutely loved everything. I was a bit sad given away the bag cause I really loved it as well. lol. But it went to a good home and will probably get a ton of use. I used the same Gortex to make other bags and the material has held up really well the wear and tear over the years. I forgot to add that I covered the edges of the straps with tearstop nylon cause I found that that sort of cotton strapping has a tendency to fray and unravel after some time and adding the edging stops that. I know that I could have used some thing else but I was trying to see if I could use only things that I had at home and in my stash.