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This BIke Bag is designed to fit securely between the handlebars of a bicycle using 3 Velcro loops to mount on almost any style of bike. After an awesome ride the bag can be removed & in a few steps, transform into a stylish purse or hip bag.

A simple 3 piece pattern has a main section using 2 darts to give the bag depth in the shaping & a front panel with a pocket option. The inner liner allows for two pockets separate from the main section. Feel free to modify the design where preferred.

I chose a heavy style of waterproof material to make my sample, you can also use just about any fabric as long as it can maintain a supportive structure. Some examples would be a heavy cotton such as denim, duck cloth, & thicker styles of Corduroy. A lighter material such as quilting cottons can be used with the support of firm interfacing between layers. Have fun with it!