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Some of you allready know, that i am totally in love with the japanese pattern books “pattern magic”. this time i tried to do the nijiri top, wich is a sweatshirt-kind-of-top with a twist. the interesting thing, is that you have to cut the whole body with the arms (front and back) in one part. so you have a really big piece of pattern :-)

I followed the instructions, made a muslin and was instantly in love. i went completly berserque in buying knitwear and finished in a 3-day-sewing-session the first 5 nijiri-tops.

All of them (except the orange-red-striped one) are gone allready to friends, so i just work on a few new ones now. (pix are soon to come)

The scarve came as an extra on top, as you have some material left, after cutting out the really big main-part. I love the look and it is really fun to make, as you can do the mashine-sewing with the serger and there is not that much to do for the finish by hand (just the seams at the bottom and round the neck)

hope you like it