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As we know in pregnancy all women have to deal with the look and style, compromising the styles and accept boring clothes to keep cover their baby bump. Oasis Shirts and me comes with cool and trendy maternity t-shirt ides which help many to be woman look gorgeous and gab show their baby bump in style.
Time to break the all sorts of supposed fashion rules and dressing like fabulous when you are expecting.

1. Steal the Style with your Dress Shirts:

You look gab when you add a quick belt or accessories with your loose dress shirts and pair up this with you boots, take out your sling bag and look the summer day.

2. Casual Style Pretty Sleek and Simply Swapped:

When you are at work try to make it simple and causal wear a simple white t-shirt or shirt with dark blue skirts and pair up with comfortable footwear.

3, Look Bold With the Power Of Denim

Don’t forget the power of denim try a long denim dress shirts with a simple tee and pick out your sneakers look rough but cool.

Here are some simple looks that should help to all expecting mothers.