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I haven’t seen the Twilight movies all the way through, but I got in to re-creating some of the costume in Barbie sizes this past month. Of course, I have to have new blood for my Barbie costume obsession… no pun intended.

To start off, I made the notorious Carolina Herrera Wedding Gown that Bella wears in the new “Breaking Dawn” film. I used poly-silk for the dress. I made a sparkle-organza overlay for the open back and hand-stitched fancy beaded lace around the opening. I also hand-stitched 80+ pearl beads down the entire back of the dress. I put venice lace along the bottom of the sleeves, and hand-stitched pearl beads on top. I even stitched satin ribbon to the front of the dress to mimick the seam lines of the real one. For the veil, I used a little off-white tulle and a cut-up piece of a silver metal bead-cap for the “barrette”.

Next, I made the “Honeymoon” Dress that she also wears in “Breaking Dawn”. That one was much easier to sew, but a little difficult to figure out. I made it out of tan cotton. I did princess seams in the front of the lined bodice, a high waist seam, and a skirt with darts. I made up the top pattern myself, and used a Barbie skirt pattern that I had already. I used black narrow satin ribbon for the leather belt Bella wears with the dress, and stitched it down.

After that, I made the “Prom” ensemble from the first movie, “Twilight”. I used a pre-ruffled knit fabric for the skirt, so I wouldn’t have to make the ruffles individually. For the top of the dress, I used matching cotton. The dress was relatively easy, except for the fact that the new Simplicity Barbie pattern I used for the top was like two sizes too small, haha. For the “Bolero” sweater/jacket, I used really smooth microsuede in cream. I hand-embroidered the blue & pink flowers on it, and hand-sewed the beads. For the clutch purse, I essentially just “giftwrapped” a rectangle of cardboard in some off-white poly-satin and hotglued it.

Next were the outfits which Bella & Edward wore when playing Chess on their Honeymoon in “Breaking Dawn”. I used black and white cotton for her dress, and sewed small crochet cotton lace to the hem. The pattern I used was a Mccalls Barbie/Bratz/Liv pattern, but I ended up using the 12 1/2" Liv size, because the Barbie size was tinyyy and wouldn’t even fit on the doll. For Edward’s shirt, I used super-stretchy striped knit, which was probably intended for leggings. I used the matte side of tan polished cotton for the pants, and topstitched the “pockets”. I also made two striped rust cushions that were on the couch in the honeymoon cottage. I used red striped cotton and overdyed it brown. For the “chessboard” I bought a travel magnetic chess set, and painted the pieces red and white.

Lastly, I made the green dress and black bolero Bella wears on her birthday in “New Moon”. The dress is made of green taffeta. I machine crazy-stitched black vines on it and glued black sequins on it too. The bolero is just black broadcloth.

Making all of the outfits was really fun. It’s an added challenge having never seen the costumes in the actual movies, and just having photos to go by.