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Man’s wool herringbone sport jacket becomes a friendly crocodile. This poor guy, during development of my pattern, suffered many surgeries & the wounds are visible.
The wool was wonderful quality, but, I should have known to interface 1st. MUCH easier to copy design on & would have prevented distortion of seams as he was filled & closed. So, I learn.
Thinking way to go for Beach Baby dolls, as well..adding “body” to the body. Maybe less bunching when stuffing, too!
He is jointed, as the bears, with hardboard discs, washers, steel screws & locknuts to allow movement.
I was amazed he could stand freely, but, am adapting somewhat for next fellow. Have a name & a concept…so am not giving up the “ship” quite yet. He would be quite fun to dress, accessorize. Have flippers for him-ha!
A “toy” but, not for small children.