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Here’s the “Mock-Up” of the linen and lace crop top dress I made, which was inspired by Burdastyle’s Designer Crop Top dress from the 12/2013 Burdastyle Monthly Magazine.
Since taking the photos, I’ve made some corrections to the dress. For example, I seam ripped out the stitching that tacked down the lace along the bottom of the bodice. (The stitching line looked awkward and made the lace poking out from the top look and move funny! Since taking it out, it looks so much better!)

The only photos I currently have to share are the photos of the dress before the adjustments (and second sample piece)! I’ll share more photos later on my blog: www.marusyamarusya.com
My fantastic sister took these photos for me using one of the peonies from my bouquet in my studio!

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