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This was a fun (and super quick) project I recently completed. My 1 year old goes through ALOT of shorts- he is one of those little people you just can’t seem to keep a nappy done up on if he doesn’t have a pair on. I found out one of my old shirts that I loved and wore to death before my 3 kids but now have no hope of ever wearing again. I went searching online for a free baby pants pattern online till I found one that was exactly what I was after. I have alot of photos and I think it is pretty easy to see what I’ve done. I wanted the print on the rear- wish it was alittle lower on the shirt but oh well. I folded the leg pattern pieces and made the the side seam of the shirt, the pants side seam. It even had the cute little side tag. Traced the pieces, cut them out and stiched them up in the order described on the Blog. Less than an hour and a half later- cute little shorts that have already had a LOT of wear. I never overlocked the edge as the fabric doesn’t fray at all and, i also just catch stiched the inner leg seam down on the hem to get it to sit right as I used the origional shirt hem as the pants hem and was sitting alittle funny till I did. All in all I love this pattern and would love to make some out of Band Promo shirts in future. Please let me know what you think in the comments. The link to the pattern I used is http://fromanigloo.blogspot.com.au/2010/06/one-size-fits-many-babytoddler-pj-pants.html