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This one I actually made secretly during November-December las year as a Christmas gift for my husband. He normally leaves for work an hour earlier than me and I used this hour to work on this shirt then hide all evidence before I leave for work myself :)

This is BurdaStyle #7045 variation B. And since it was my first ever proper shirt, I followed the instructions to the letter! This shirt has all the standard stuff: tower placket, collar with a stand and a breast pocket. I’ve done the whole thing, the only modifications I made was to replace all buttons with snaps (I didn’t want to compromise all the the effort and precision by adding bad buttonholes…I still suck at buttonholes unfortunately), and I rounded the hem.

I’m super happy with the outcome, the husband was impressed too but he wore it only once so far so not sure how much he likes it…but hey, of he doesn’t I can always transform it into something or me :D