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i finally finished that coat.

it´s a christmas!!! present and now ( almost easter) it´s done.

i couldn´t find a pattern for a men´s double breatsted coat so i had to draft it myself…which was a biiig task for me a a sewing novice but i did it. ( there was a lot of walking around shops looking at details involved…;))

the arms have quite big cuffs( you say that on a coat??) with 4 buttons and an xtra “loop” and the pockets are bound pockets on both the inside and the outside.

the linning is a polyesterblend with zebra-print as he wished for.

the thing i did not quite understood is the vent in the back it will roll inside all the time but it´s not that anybody will notice except me.

the last pic is all the pieces when i finally dared to cut the expensive cashmere fabric