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This multi-sized shirt pattern is great for boys/men of all ages! It’s a classic shirt style, which I’d say looks more of a casual style since it’s quite boxy/roomy. It makes a great layering shirt, over a T-shirt.

Since I was using plaid, I wanted to highlight this element as found in many RTW plaid shirts. The biggest design change to the pattern was to modify the left front to have a buttonhole placket on the bias. I cut this portion off the left front pattern piece, then created a separate piece for the placket. Result: it worked out OK, but the seam where the placket is attached to the left front sits on top right at a fold, and it’s quite bulky, whereas the outside edge of the buttonhole placket (that overlaps on the right front) is just fabric on the fold (this is extremely hard to explain!). The whole buttonhole placket just feels a bit unbalanced, and I’d like to figure out a better approach for next time…IF I do plaid again!

Other design changes were minor, mainly placing several pieces on the bias: pockets, collar band (inner), cuffs, sleeve plackets, back yoke. I also lined the back yoke with a fine cotton jersey instead of self fabric.

I used Pamela Erny’s collar technique, which turned out pretty neatly.

I made straight sizes 6 and 8, which are a little big for them right now. Next time I’d make the shirts to better reflect their body measurements, which would encompass 3 or 4 actual sizes (much like what I do on my own patterns!) Getting a closer fit across the back/shoulders would be nice, and I would probably eliminate the back pleat.

And I’m not sure if I’ll use plaid again!!! More about the adventure on my blog!