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Truth be told, this suit is unfinished because I was delayed by a nasty cold. FYI Sewing with a head cold is like sewing tipsy.
Anyway, My client needed to have his suit asap, since he didn’t have a backup outfit, so we decided to make a few shortcuts and leave off the pockets on the vest and make mock back pockets on the pants (to be completed at a later time).
The pants are tailored and had about 20 pattern pieces. A true nightmare when pressed for time. The vest was simple except for a waist lengthening alteration that was needed.
I made the bow tie as well.
Note: Here’s a better view of the photo – https://www.flickr.com/photos/metrofrock/15726013968/

Well, It was all worth it, because my client and his wife both loved it and said he got plenty of compliments on his look.
Moments like this confirm why I love what I do. So grateful.